8 Reasons why your business needs to improve its chatbots with QBox

If your business is looking to improve its chatbots as part of your customer experience, you’re going to need to measure performance and ensure the chatbot delivers as you expect. Here’s where QBox can help. It can give you the confidence you need to go live, help to scale and further automate, and ensure a level of performance you require. Here’s 8 reasons why your business needs QBox. 

  • Clear data visualisation 

    QBox uses a simple traffic light system highlighting problematic areas and just 3 key metrics - correctness, confidence and clarity. Highly useful for those looking to get a snapshot of chatbot performance and clearly indicates which areas are most in need of improvements. Not convinced? We’d be happy to show you and your colleagues how simple it is to use.. Book a demo with us by emailing hello@qbox.ai

  • Quick to make improvements

    For any users involved in the day-to-day training and upgrading of a chatbot, there is a much greater efficiency. QBox runs tests in minutes and shows the impact of your changes before setting these changes live. This significantly reduces time spent manually reviewing chatbot performance and retesting.

  • It can be used by anyone

    It’s one thing to be sold a great tool that does exactly what you need it to do. It’s another thing to have people who are able to use it. With QBox there is no gap between what the tool does and how complicated it is to use, meaning you don’t need to rely on highly trained AI experts to extract the value of the tool.

  • Helps with scaling

    Quickly react to new requirements to your chatbot - for example Covid-19 - by plugging in a new set of data and alleviating the pressure on front line staff when unforeseen circumstances arise. 

  • Set and monitor KPIs for chatbot performance

    QBox feature ‘Confidence Threshold Analysis’ helps you to do exactly that. This feature enables the setting of confidence threshold for your NLP model. This then helps give you peace of mind that the model is performing at a level your organisation is comfortable with – and enables you to report on performance and manage team performance.

  • Stay ahead of the competition

    QBox may already be used by your competitors to improve their chatbot models and improve customer experience. If it isn’t, then creating better performing chatbot models can become a point of competitive advantage. As one customer attests: ‘Our QBox tuned models are performing at least 2x better than our models without QBox tuning’ – Senior Project Manager, Fortune 500 company. Read the full case study here.

  • Reduce service costs

    Rather than using your chatbot to redirect customers to a customer service agent, more refined and better built chatbots can resolve a significant amount of the need for ‘redirecting to a sales agent’ queries.

    Having queries reviewed and answered by live agents can not only be very expensive in terms of time spent, but you’ll need expensive software to properly link your bot and your agent – or your customer will relay their query from start to finish all over again once they get through. Not exactly great customer experience. 

  • Improve customer experience

    Reach up to 98% accuracy, like existing QBox customers and make incorrect answers a thing of the past. This helps both customer experience and can increase sales by helping customers receive the information/support they need at any time of day. 


Still not sure about whether your organisation needs QBox? Get in touch today and we can discuss your particular pain points and how QBox can help you. 

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Sandra Draganoiu

Sandra is Relationship Director at QBox and supports our valued customers through their NLP chatbot lifecycle journey

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