QBox partners with Cognigy

Cognigy.AI users can improve automated conversations by measuring NLU performance via QBox technology.

We are very pleased to announce a partnership between QBox and Cognigy.

This partnership enables users of Cognigy’s AI platform to utilise QBox to improve their automated conversations by measuring NLU performance for models, intents, utterances and even word influence against the three key QBox metrics of correctness, confidence, and clarity.

The Cognigy.AI platform, which was recently named a 2021 LEADER for Conversational AI Platforms in IDC MarketScape for its capabilities and strategies, enables enterprises to easily create and operate AI-powered virtual agents to automatically handle calls and chats from customers and employees. These automations support a range of enterprise functions, from customer service and IT helpdesk to operations, sales and marketing, and human resources.

The new integration with QBox enables users of Cognigy’s AI platform to improve their chatbots’ accuracy and performance in a matter of minutes, giving them 100% confidence to retrain and deploy. It enables chatbot developers and data modellers to make informed decisions about how they develop their chatbots using well-crafted, purposeful training data.

In addition to this, our partnership now makes it possible for Cognigy.AI users to more efficiently scale the domain of chatbots without the worry of overlooked training data regressions – or the need for a constantly active data science team. 

“The use of conversational AI is becoming commonplace in organisations of all sizes as they seek to continually improve customer experiences – but with an emphasis on using well-trained and intelligent chatbots”, says Benoit Alvarez, Chief Technology Officer at QBox. “We are delighted that users of Cognigy’s AI platform will now be able to utilise QBox to test, analyse, fix and scale their chatbots more efficiently than ever before, therefore deliver superior experiences for their end users.”

“We are excited to see the new integration with QBox being available for our customers”, continues Marc Schneider, VP of Partner Management at Cognigy. “It complements Cognigy’s NLU capabilities with the depth of NLU optimisation expertise, which the QBox team is known for.”

About QBox

Launched in 2017, QBox is the leading chatbot performance-management and testing solution that enables users to test, understand and fix their chatbots. Endorsed by Gartner, Microsoft and IBM, and with clients including Accenture, Nestlé, Sky and Vodafone, QBox was designed to enable users to evaluate and improve conversational AI models at speed. Learn more at www.qbox.ai.

About Cognigy

Cognigy is a global leader in conversational AI automation. Its low-code platform, Cognigy.AI, empowers enterprises to automate high volume customer and employee support requests using intelligent voice- and chatbots, delivering personalized experiences at scale. Cognigy’s worldwide client portfolio includes Daimler, Bosch, Lufthansa, Salzburg AG and many more. Learn more at cognigy.com.

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Sandra Draganoiu

Sandra is Relationship Director at QBox and supports our valued customers through their NLP chatbot lifecycle journey

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