How to Choose the Right Conversational AI Platform

Choosing the right Conversational AI (CAI) platform doesn’t need to be complex but the endless evolution of solutions can make it harder to identify the best option for your organisation.

With 2022 just around the corner and with the continued uncertainty the pandemic is bringing, many businesses are looking to invest in conversational ai and automate their processes. If your 2021 projects are starting to wind down and you're thinking about the year to come, we’ve got some complementary Gartner research for you to read! Packed full of insight on some of the leading platforms in the market today, this paper is not one to miss.

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Key findings:

  • The range of conversational implementation approaches in the chatbot market can be categorized as toolkits allowing custom solutions, platform-based offerings and targeted service offerings.
  • A toolkit approach enables a high degree of customization, which is desirable for integrating conversational capabilities within other business applications. Toolkits are good for organizations with unique business, end-user or integration requirements.
  • A platform-based approach provides centralized operations and conversational management while covering a broad range of use cases, from simple to complex. However, these platforms require greater effort to implement if prebuilt chatbots are not provided.
  • Targeted services or point-solution providers focus on an industry-specific use case or a particular requirement, such as adding a conversational interface to an existing enterprise application or addressing a specific end-user requirement (like channel or language support). They are easy to integrate and quick to deploy, but are difficult to customize.

Download the paper here

‘Choosing the right conversational AI platform’ – by Bern Elliot, Magnus Revang, Anthony Mullen and Van Baker (published 26 August 2021).

Sandra Draganoiu

Sandra is Relationship Director at QBox and supports our valued customers through their NLP chatbot lifecycle journey

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