QBox partners with IBM

We are delighted to announce a partnership between QBox and IBM. This combined solution is beneficial to all users of IBM Watson Assistant, who will now be able to monitor, improve and scale their chatbots faster and more efficiently than ever before using QBox.ai - the leading conversational AI performance management and testing solution.

'This news comes as another great endorsement of QBox', commented QBox CTO, Benoit Alvarez. 'For IBM to be recommending QBox as a tool for testing, understanding and fixing IBM Watson Assistant chatbots shows what a unique position QBox has in the marketplace.'

QBox enables NLP chatbot users to improve their chatbots’ accuracy and performance in a matter of minutes, giving them 100% confidence to retrain and deploy. It enables chatbot developers and data modelers to make informed decisions about how they develop their chatbots using well-crafted, purposeful training data.

In addition to this, QBox maximizes investment in conversational AI by measuring how chatbots are performing, helping to identify any underperforming areas of the model. QBox also overcomes many of the challenges associated with managing a chatbot ecosystem and scaling training data without impacting existing well-performing areas of a model as the chatbot grows.

QBox makes it possible to scale the domain of chatbots without the worry of overlooked training data regressions – or the need for a constantly active data science team. By retraining their chatbots, QBox customers have reached 98% accuracy rates in their chatbots performance, with significant cost savings in time spent manually analyzing data and performing KFold tests.

About QBox

QBox is the leading chatbot performance management and testing solution. Endorsed by Gartner, Microsoft and IBM and with clients such as Accenture, Nestle, Sky and Vodafone, QBox was designed to enable users to evaluate and improve conversational AI models at speed.

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Sandra Draganoiu

Sandra is Relationship Director at QBox and supports our valued customers through their NLP chatbot lifecycle journey

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