NEW CASE STUDY: SNCB, Belgium's national railway company

We love sharing our customer stories with you and this is no different.

We began working with SNCB, Belgium’s national railway company, earlier in 2021. They were looking to build upon some basic chatbot testing functionality that had been built for them by an internal developer.


We asked SNCB what drove them to seek out a tool like QBox, what it’s like working with the tool and exactly how it has impacted their day to day working lives. Here's an extract from the piece, which you can read in full here.

“Prior to QBox, the team were using a simple tool made by their own developers. With the limited usefulness it offered, there was a real need to delve more into the detail and establish whether their fixes were having the intended effect or causing more regressions.

After spending a lot of time making minor changes to improve performance, the team were working hard on upgrades but lacked a way to troubleshoot them or test the overall performance. Having sought out software to fill the gap and consulting with multiple providers, QBox was clearly the solution.”

Find out the rest of the story and the results SNCB were able to achieve - including significantly reduced fallback to live agent rates - in just a few short months with QBox.

Read the case study here.

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Sandra Draganoiu

Sandra is Relationship Director at QBox and supports our valued customers through their NLP chatbot lifecycle journey

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