Merry Christmas from QBox!

As 2021 draws to a close we just wanted to take the time to reflect on the many achievements of this year, give thanks and prepare for the new year ahead.

The QBox team goes from strength to strength, with an incredibly talented technical team of developers working hard all year round to maintain and improve the scope of QBox.

Our sales team have been unrelenting in their pursuit of spreading the word about QBox, acquiring many household names as customers along the journey.

Last, but by no means least, our R&D/AI team who have been delivering quality onboarding sessions for customers - and put their (giant) brains into investigating ground-breaking new approaches to NLP technology.

Luckily we had our Christmas party recently, so they got a chance to unwind from all that hard work.


We are delighted that in 2021, QBox usage by customers has increased 325% year on year from 2020 – a testament to those using it to run tests every day, continually spotting weaknesses and opportunities for improvements to their model.

We also brought out two new features in one tidy package - 'Experiment'. This is made up of Suggest, which uses the latest NLG techology to offer new training phrases, and Quick Analysis, which demonstrates exactly how any new training data will impact your model. It has definitely been one of the most popular features to date.

Watch this space for new features coming in 2022...

This year also saw us undertake multiple partnerships, with the Conversation Design Insistute, Cognigy and IBM – establishing us with an even stronger foothold in the CAI universe, collaborating with these pillars of the community.

One of our biggest sources of pride at QBox HQ has been an exceptional customer story from one of our new customers of 2021 – SNCB, Belgium’s national railway company. Their testimonials about the power of using QBox to reduce fall back to live agent rates and improve efficiencies - and most importantly, make the day to day lives of the SNCB team easier - has brought a smile to all our faces. 

As ever, we’re always grateful to the CAI community, and our many customers – new and old – for their continued support.

See you in 2022!

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Benoit Alvarez

Benoit is CEO at QBox and oversees the technical development, R&D, sales and marketing functions

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